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Gerry's Sounds and Links to Other Sites


Here are some links to sites with recordings I have played on:


On the Frank Basile 12tet CD (previews at CD Baby) I am performing on all the tracks.  I am performing all the tenor sax solos, and flute on RED CLAY


At Monroe Quinn's site, I am playing flute with him on track 7 on BACHOLOGY


Follow the link to the album I did with Freddie Redd LONELY CITY


I am on TRANSBLUCENCY by Maria Muldaur playing baritone and tenor sax.

You can see and hear the Gerry Cappuccio Sax Quartet at:

To hear me play solo Flute,Clarinet, Alto & Tenor Saxes for a Valentine's Day Concert on Feb.14,2021 I played 43 Love Songs by various artists & Movie Themes. Go to

​Gerry Cappuccio

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