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About Gerry

Gerry Cappuccio, Woodwind Master

Born in Paterson, New Jersey, Gerry began playing clarinet at the age of 10. He then received private lessons from Charles Arlington. At the age of 13 he began playing the alto sax followed by playing tenor sax at age 14. Knowing that he had found his vocation, he began playing professionally in New Jersey at 15. During High School he played in the All City Band on clarinet as well as in Paterson Civic Band on alto sax. This was 

under the direction of Professor Dittamo.


He was voted most talented in his graduating class of 1961 at Eastside H.S. for his participation in the jazz big band. He later became proficient in performance on the flute (started playing flute at 18 and alto flute at age 19). He is a member of the American Federation of Musicians since 1963 and graduated with a B.S.  from Mannes College of Music in 1966 as a clarinet major.


Following graduation from college Gerry enlisted in the Army in

1966 and served in the West Point Band until 1969. While in the Army he played the  piccolo and soprano sax, baritone sax, bass clarinet and oboe.


After the Army he played shows at Catskills hotels in  N.Y. from 1969

thru 1971. In 1972 he playe baritone sax as well as other instruments in the Don Ellis Orchestra. During 1972 he joined the Lionel Hampton Orchestra until 1973 in which he played alto sax, soprano sax, flute and piccolo.


He has also worked in music publishing for Big 3 Music/United Artist (1976) and at Warner Bros. Music (1980-1984) as music co-ordinator, editor and copyist.


Since then and currently, he has performed in multiple venues, bands and orchesters.  Throughtout his career as a muscian, Gerry has given private instruction on woodwinds, piano and guitar as well as has taught music at elementary and high school level.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































​Gerry Cappuccio

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